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About Bracknell

The town is situated in Bracknell Forest borough in Berkshire, United Kingdom. As per the last population counting, the city population is 77, 256. It is situated 11 miles to the east of Reading. The city is 34 miles west of the capital city, London. Braccan Heal was the name of this city. Brakenhale, which is the previous name of the city, is still the name of one of its schools. The Quelm Stone is the standing stone to the northeast of the city. The Stone is a menhir means it is rough and in the form of a square or rectangle. One of the main building is the ‘Old Manor’ House. Primarily, it was home to a number of priest holes which were used as hiding places when the Catholic priests were persecuted by law forcefully in England. At that time, the Catholic priests could hide in these holes and escaped to other places using the tunnels built beneath them.

Transport in Bracknell      

The city has two main railway stations. Both are situated on a line that runs from Waterloo to Reading. Mostly, Bracknell commuters travel in two directions, i.e. westwards to Reading and Eastwards to London Waterloo.

It is situated at the end of the A329 (M) midway in between the junction of two motorways. Another motorway M31 is being proposed to be built for connecting the M3 and the M4. Only a part is completed till now and recognised as the A3290 and A329 (M).

The Bracknell bus station is situated on The Ring. The Bracknell Bus Stand provides services to Crowthorne, Wokingham Camberley, Slough, Windsor and Reading.  The Reading Buses and Courtney Buses Services provide local bus services.  The Green Line provides coach services to London Victoria. The Courtney Buses gives services to The Luton Flyer and the National Express. The city commuters have best of both worlds in transportation.


The Bracknell city has good infrastructure for school as well as higher level education. A few of notable schools in the region are Easthampstead Park School, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Brakenhale Academy, Garth Hill College and Ranelagh Church of England School.

Colleges for further education in and around Bracknell are Bracknell and Wokingham College, The Silwood Park campus of Imperial College. London is also a destination for those who wish to go for further education. The college is located 5 miles to the Bracknell’s east. It is 8 miles from the northwest at a distance of 8 miles of Reading and same to the east is the Royal Holloway College.


A large impressive hallway was built in 1760 in the south of the town. It has been built several times in past. Now, it assists as a huge arts centre. In 1984, The Wilde Theatre was constructed and named after Oscar Wilde. This theatre hosted the play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. This play has a Protagonist called 'Lady Bracknell'. Over many years, the South Hill Park hosted many music performances in famous festivals. A long list of such performances is there. For instance, in the 21st century, 2000 to 2013 – A free and an annual festival of World Music.

Many places of Bracknell city used in many films. The prominent location includes Birch Hill and Martin Heron. Apart from this, In Harry Potter series and the Philosopher’s Stone, Martin Heron is a place in Bracknell where Harry’s Aunt and Uncle stay. Movie Time Bandits also used the location named Birch Hill. Birch Hill is a famous place for naming its streets from east to west in alphabetic order.


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