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About Bedford

Bedford is the small and county town in the vicinity of the United Kingdom. It has a population of 80,000. The last population census was done in 2015. The river Ouse is the popular river of the region. Bedford castle was built by Henry I. This castle was destroyed in 1224. The city has its seat in UK parliament since 1265. The Italian people migrated in large number in the past. Later on, they played a crucial role in the GDP and development of the town.


It was said in the earlier records that the chief of Saxon was the person on behalf of which the city got its name. There is also the fact that The Great River is also played a crucial role in the name of the city. In the beginning period of the town, the economy of the town was based on the agricultural activities and a small market was situated near the town. The wool was the leading industry in the town. The industry got tough competition from the Lace Industry. After the interests of the business diverted towards Brewing. Brewing leads immediately after the downfall of the wool industry. There was an introduction of the railway in the mid-18th century. The engineering sector also saw major back from the entrepreneur in the 19th century.


The Bedford city is the biggest town in the borough of Bedford. The mayor is responsible for the development work of the city. The mayor of the city is also known as Mayor of Bedford. The now a day’s mayor is from the Liberal Democrat party. David Hodgson is his name. Ten wards are there in the city.

Geography and climate

The towns such as Elstow, Ravensden, Reinhold and Kempton were counted as the major towns of the city. The climatic condition of the town is marine as it is located near to the sea.  The city got the whole rainfall year as there are big mountains that burst clouds and brought rainfall. The official met office of the city is Belford airport. It provides an update of any prevailing weather condition in the city.

Demography and Landmarks

The city is another home for the Italian People. There had been Millions of Italian people who moved here in the Past. During the mid-19th century, there had been the majority of the migration by the labourers. The vice consulate of the Italian people lasts long for 54 years.  South Asian is another community that is followed by the Italian people. River Ouse is the regional river of the land. In 1921, there was a construction of the war memorials to commemorate the war heroes of the world wars.


The city connected with the capital city of London with the vast networks of the road.  The A6 is the major road network of the city that connects and spread in the whole town. There is a new bus station in the city that started its services in 2015. The city manages the traffic very efficiently.


There is a difference in the education policies of the United Kingdom as well as Bedford. It follows 3 tier policy in majority schools. Sir Plowden was the man behind the new Education policy. This Policy was coined in 1967. In 2006, a referendum was there to change the education policy of the city. But people were not in the favor at that time. In 2009, the idea came into the limelight again, but this time the idea got successfully implemented in the same year. Now schools follow 2 tier system instead of 3 Tier system.

Religious sites

The majority people are from the Christian community. Around 90% of the people follow this religion ad rest of the people from diverse religions. St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s are the main churches in the city and gets the lion's share of people from all walks of life. The largest Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) of the United Kingdom is also situated here. Other famous religious places are Valmiki Ji and Guru Ravidass temple. They also get a lot of pilgrims on their religious Gurus birth Anniversary. 

Culture and Sports

Panacea Museum has so many religious sculptures of the leading community of the 20th century. A famous venue is also located in the city. The University of Bedfordshire Theatre directs many films being the major production of the region. It also assists small production houses with technology and earns profit from them.


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