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About Bath

Bath acknowledged as the most significant city of Somerset, a ceremonial county. This town is famous for its baths constructed since Roman times. The approximate city population is 88,859 as per the census of 2011. It is 97 miles from the capital city London. It is situated at a maximum height of 781 feet on the Landsdown Plateau. In 1987, the town was conferred with the UNESCO world heritage site. The city has excellent infrastructures such as restaurants; businesses setups, head offices of MNC’s, movie theatres that tourists on a yearly basis. The city also has publishing, software and service-oriented industries. The city spa services are also well recognised as it has two famous spas. These are Roman Bath a very historically one and Thermae Bath spa of modern time.


In the 18th century, the bath became the hub of fashionable life. This leads to proper attention of local administration on the architectural developments. These include the Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge and Lansdown Crescent. There are total five famous theatres in the city. They are the Mission theatre, The Rondo Theatre, The Egg, Ustinov Studio and Theatre Royal that usually arrange and host various events of the town.


The temperature condition of the Bath is temperate. It experiences milder and wetter weather than England. The average temperature of the city is 10 degree. The seasonal variation of the temperature is not extreme. The July and August months are quite warmer than rest of summer season. In the winter season, the average temperature of Bath is minimum 2 degree.


Two prominent universities are located in the city. One is University of Bath and another is Bath Spa University. The University of Bath started its services in 1996. This is also acknowledged as University of the year by the Prominent newspaper of the United Kingdom, i.e. The Sunday Times. This university offers courses in various subjects such as the physical training, management and technology, politics, engineering, and architecture. Another University is Bath Spa University. In 1992, This University got power to distribute degrees for various courses in 1992. The official status of the University is acquired in 2005. Since then this University includes Postgraduate courses in its academics Curriculum. A childcare training institute also started its services in the city and recognised as Norland College.


The city is located in the Avon valley near Cotswolds, limestone hills with splendid beauty. These mountain usually have heights of 238 meters. The geographical area of the city is 28 square kilometres. The floodplain where the city centre is developed has 18 m height above sea level. In past, flooding weakened the lowest part of the city. In 1970, a drive was started to control this nasty for future. There is a Local nature reserve in the vicinity of Kensington Meadows.


The city also plays in the Aviva Premiership League. This League is associated with the Rugby game. The game has history way back to 1865. It is playing on recreation ground since late 19th century. This team also won John player Cup. The other name of this cup is Anglo-Welsh Cup. They were the winners of this Cup for a consecutive years from 1984 to 1987. The local team also won the Heineken Cup in the 1997-1998 season.


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