Course Introduction

Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 course is designed to provide detailed knowledge about concepts and terminologies used in HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. The course includes fundamental programming skills regarding HTML5, javascript and CSS3.  In this five-day training program, the delegates will learn how to develop well-structured and easily-maintainable applications and user interfaces.


What's Included

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Course Content

Introduction to HTML and CSS

  • Overview of HTML and CSS
  • How to create the web application with visual studio 2012?

Create and Style HTML5 Page

  • Create HTML5 page
  • Style HTML5 page

Overview of JavaScript

  • JavaScript Syntax
  • Programming HTML Dom by using JavaScript
  • Introduction to JQuery

Introduction to Forms

  • Forms and Input Types
  • Validating User Input by:

o    using HTML5 Attributes

o    using javascript

Communication with a Remote Data Source

  • Sending and receiving data by using:

o    XMLHTTPRequest

o    jQuery AJAX operations

Styling HTML5 by using CSS3

  • Define Styling Text
  • Block Elements of styling
  • CSS3 Selectors
  • Improving graphical effects with CSS3

Creating Methods and Objects by using JavaScript

  • How to write well-structured JavaScript?
  • How to create custom objects?
  • Extending Objects

Creating Interactive pages by using HTML5 APIs

  • Incorporating Multimedia
  • Interacting with files
  • Reacting to Browser Location and Context
  • How to debug and profile a web application

Adding office support to Web Applications

  • Reading and Writing Data Locally
  • How to add office support by using the application cache?

Implementing an Adaptive User Interface

  • Multiple form factors
  • How to create an Adaptive User Interface?

Creating Advanced Graphics

  • Using scalable vector graphics for adding interactive graphics to an application
  • With the help of JavaScript code, draw complex graphics on an HTML5 canvas element

 Animating the User Interface

  • Overview of CSS Transitions
  • Transforming elements
  • Applying CSS keyframe animations

Introduction to implementing real-time communication by using Web Sockets

  • Overview of Web Sockets
  • Sending and Receiving data by using web sockets

Creating a web worker process

  • Introduction to Web Workers
  • Performing Asynchronous processing by using a web worker

Delivery Methods


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Who should attend the course?

Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 course is best suited for professionals who are involved into programming and have experience of at least 6 months and are interested in developing new applications with the help of HTML5, Javascript and CSS3.

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

The delegates must arrive the venue before 9 a.m.

How can I find more information regarding this course?

For more information about our courses, please contact us on 0800 781 0626 or send us an e-mail at

What are the prerequisites for the course?

  • It is recommended that before attending this course, the delegates should have at least 6 months experience of professional development
  • In addition to this, they must have a practical and conceptual knowledge regarding HTML5 programming including HTML document structure, HTML tags, HTML APIs, CSS styling, logical operators, arithmetic operations, relational operators and more

What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will learn how to:

  • Use APIs of HTML5 in interactive web applications
  • Build web applications that support offline operations
  • Make use of Web Sockets for sending and receiving data between a server and the web application
  • Improve user experience by adding various effects and animations
  • Enhance the responsiveness of the web application by using web worker processes
  • Make HTML5 page interactive with JavaScript
  • Generate well-structured and easily-maintainable JavaScript code