Course Introduction

What is Scrum Product Owner training?

The Scrum Product Owner certification is suited for anyone with an experience in Project Management who is seeking to study the Scrum product owner techniques and increase an awareness of scrum methodologies and the use of it. This 2 day Scrum Product Owner certification demonstrates your capability to recognise Scrum principles, practices and requests and apply this information to a direct scrum team. The Scrum Product Owner will guarantee that the work supported by the Scrum members is highlighted and that the production of the work is highly efficient. This means that the Scrum Product Owner is accountable for the general success of the project.

The Scrum Product Owner is typically a project’s key stakeholder. Part of the product owner responsibilities is to have a vision of what he or she wishes to build, and convey the vision to the scrum team. This is key to successfully starting any agile software development project. Whether you are new to Agile principles and have an idea of what Scrum is, or have already spent time involved with teams talking about or implementing Scrum, taking on Scrum team’s Product Owner role can be a daunting prospect. The role of the Scrum Product Owner is crucial to the overall Scrum team, acting as the liaison between the development team and the wider customer community. An effective Scrum Product Owner will work collaboratively with stakeholders to define the overall product vision and is responsible for communicating that vision to the team and motivating the team to deliver a high quality product. The Product Owner is responsible for creating and maintaining the product Backlog and is a key contributor to the Sprint Planning and Review Meetings. The Scrum Product Owner can help maximise delivery capabilities, enhance the planning and scheduling process, improve project estimation and drive overall product success.

What you will learn from taking the Scrum Product Owner Training course

From taking part in our Scrum Product Owner training course, you will receive a solid understanding of the Scrum principles and practices so you can move forward and can:

  • Prescribe and use the full range of Agile and Scrum artifacts
  • Illustrate and sell Agile and the Scrum framework to other key stakeholders
  • Participate heavily as a Scrum team member
  • Convey a prosperous Scrum project
  • Operate effectively as the Scrum Product Owner for the Scrum team
  • To set up and facilitate Scrum meetings

Benefits from taking Scrum Product Owner training course

When taking our Scrum Product Owner certification, you will encounter a variety of benefits. These benefits include

  • You can engage with a community of recognised experts who are committed to continuous improvement meaning you are able to achieve your very best
  • Expand career opportunities by staying active and marketable across all industry sectors adopting Agile practices
  • You will learn the foundation of Scrum and the scope of the Scrum Product Owner roles from the professional minds of Scrum
  • You will get to exhibit to employers and peers your fulfillment of core Scrum philosophy
  • Large projects can be shortened down into smaller ones to make them easily manageable
  • Scrum works well with fast-moving development projects
  • The team will gain access to clear visibility throughout the meetings
  • For Scrum being Agile, it can adapt feedback from customers and stakeholders

Is this course suitable for you?

Are you?

  • Newly setting out on an Agile-career journey
  • Wanting to be successful when using scrum
  • Involved in a Scrum Project across the full range of Scrum roles

Are you already in one of the following roles?

  • Agile coach
  • Team leader
  • Project manager
  • Scrum coach
  • Development team leader
  • Process owner and manager
  • Functional / Departmental manager
  • Product owner and manager

If you match some of the categories above then this Scrum Certification is for you, my friend.

Scrum Product Owner Certification is at your location

Datrix Training delivers the most popular courses in over 30 locations worldwide. One of these courses is the Scrum Product Owner certification. This gives you the chance to learn the popular Scrum Product Owner courses in a classroom near you so that you don’t have to travel long distances which will save you travelling costs. Our magnificent facilities are taught by some of the most intelligent and experienced Scrum Product Owner training instructors in the Agile industry. Our instructors at Datrix Training will help you with any concerns you raise so that you can pass your Scrum Product Owner exams. Datrix Trainings’ Scrum Product Owner courses are one of the best certifications chosen by our customers therefore you are in the right place if you wish to enhance a career within project management.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, you can access it.

Scrum Product Owner Certification is now online! As well as other popular courses, Datrix Training has online courses so you can learn Scrum Product Owner Certification, wherever you want, at any time and at a good price. The Scrum Product Owner courses are available for 90 days, after purchase, so you can get as much time as you want to learn the Scrum Product Owner methodologies. By taking the Scrum Product Owner online course with Datrix Training, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of Scrum Product Owner in your very own home, studying at your own pace and time. Datrix Training also provides free walk in clinics, so that you can talk to global professional Scrum Product Owner instructors who will be able to help you with anything you need throughout the Scrum Product Owner online training programme.

Ask questions face-to-face to the professionals themselves

As well as providing the courses online, we also offer the courses onsite in some of our luxurious venues. If your company is interested in booking a Scrum Product Owner certification, we also provide onsite training where one of our highly experienced teachers can be at your disposal. This will also save your business money and will be easier for staff to arrive for the training session on time. Our Scrum Product Owner courses are very popular worldwide as Datrix Training will send a professional training instructor to your business, to teach globally accredited courses. If you wish to know any more information about our Scrum Product Owner certifications, please contact us today on 0800 781 0626 or send us a message to


What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content

Here below is a list of topics that will be covered during the 2 day course:

  • Scrum Framework Overview
  • Sprints, Increments and Releases
  • The Scrum Roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team
  • Teamwork and Impact on Traditional Roles
  • Scrum with third party contractual relationships
  • The Scrum Meetings
  • Product Vision and Roadmap
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Product business model and market analysis
  • Setting project scope and objectives
  • Defining and communicating the Product Vision
  • Building and managing the Product Backlog
  • Defining Product Backlog Items
  • User Stories and other Requirements techniques
  • Prioritising and ordering the Product Backlog
  • Splitting and sizing Product Backlog Items
  • Prioritisation including MoSCoW and Kano analysis
  • Progress Tracking
  • The Definition of Done
  • Understanding the Sprint Backlog
  • The Daily Scrum Meeting
  • Acceptance Criteria and Acceptance Testing
  • The Sprint Review Meeting
  • Burn Down Charts and Scrum Boards
  • The Sprint Retrospective
  • Release Management
  • Release Planning Estimating and Velocity Progress tracking and forecasting
  • Scaling the Product Owner role in Scrum
  • Product Ownership with Multiple Scrum Teams
  • Product ownership with Distributed Scrum Teams

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What does Datrix provide me with during the course?

During the course, Datrix will provide you with: Courseware, Certificate, refreshments and a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer.

Who shall attend this course?

Project Managers, Sales Staff, Analysts and Scrum Masters who wish to learn more on the Scrum Product Owner job role.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

It is essential that learners have a suitable awareness of the basic ideologies of the Scrum Product Owner.

What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering my course?

All of our instructors at Datrix are accredited and have over ten years of experience worldwide.

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am.

How can I find more information?

If you would like to know any more information about our courses, please contact us on 0800 781 0626 or send us an e-mail on