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The MoV® training course helps organisations and individuals organise, manage and support projects and programmes to maximise value in line with the achievement of project and programme objectives and the delivery of key stakeholder requirements. The course enables the delegates to enhance the project value by making optimal utilisation of available resources without reducing its quality. The main aim of the value management course is to design and implement a system which identifies the values required by the organisation and tailor them to suit the objectives of the organisation. The key focus of the MoV® is not on minimising cost but on maximising value on the available resources. The MoV® training introduces delegates to the overall structure of value management, how it is aligned with Project Management guidance and its relationship to other management methods. By the completion of the course, the delegates will be able to improve operational efficiencies, identify and manage opportunities effectively and also transformational change more quickly.

Datrix training offers a range of Management of Value courses:

  • Mov® Foundation
  • Mov® Practitioner
  • Mov® Foundation and Practitioner

The Management of Value (MOV®) is an integrated methodology designed to manage the flow of value in the organisation and deliver the value with better use of the resources without reducing qualit...

The MoV® Practitioner course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired at Foundation level and develop the ability of the delegates to apply principles and processes of MoV® through practical e...

The MoV® (Management of Value) course enables the delegates to maximise the benefits from projects, programmes and portfolios by optimal utilisation of available resources and enhance the value w...

Topic Overview

Here at Datrix Training, we are committed to promoting a range of courses at a great price. We offer a range of methods to suite a range of requirements.

In today’s highly competitive environment, individuals and organisations have felt great pressure to do more and more with less and less in both public and private sectors. Management of value has emerged from successful value management techniques across different domains. The Management of Value training course helps delegates acquire knowledge concerning how to use a successful methodology for increasing the value they deliver and making better use of resources. The course is designed for individuals who are accountable for managing, delivering and supporting portfolios, projects and programmes. During the training program, the delegates will discover the MoV® techniques and processes, the concept of value, application output of MoV® at the different phases of a project and principles for adopting MoV® in organisations. Management of Value is a value management methodology that can be utilised to improve the management of projects, portfolios and programmes in both public and private sectors.

Benefits of MoV® course

  • Increases organisational productivity and profit
  • Maximise returns on investment
  • Helps in the monitoring of the improvement on projects
  • Maximising value by addressing both monetary and non- monetary factors
  • Positively make a contribution to an improvement in policy making and decision making
  • Builds a culture of value-driven management in the organisation
  • Ensure the successful management of programmes
  • Enable more efficient delivery by making the best use of available resources
  • Carry out value-enhanced projects successfully
  • Make better use of resources within the achievement of programme and project objectives

Why choose Datrix Training?

Datrix Training ensures that their highly certified and experienced trainers equip delegates with the latest concepts and framework of the value management. The training course helps the delegates in acquiring the essential knowledge and skills with a better standard of satisfaction. We offer various modes of training programs such as classroom, online and onsite training courses.


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