Course Introduction

M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade

What is M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade?

The 2 day Management of Risk Practitioner Upgrade training courses have now been intended to encourage the candidate’s ability in the working atmosphere and to familiarise learners to the M_o_R® outline and how this can be used in the business environment.

In this course, Datrix aims to give delegates an in depth knowledge of the use and techniques of the M_o_R® Risk Management method, as mentioned in the AXELOS guide ‘Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners’. The course is also interactive, with presentation sessions interspersed with exercises and discussions.

The Practitioner exam is to be completed at a mutually convenient date (please see the below details for further information).

Online Exam:

We provide comprehensive support during the exam process to make the experience as simple as possible. This exam can be taken at a suitable time, subject to availability; online, anywhere.

The benefits of Online Exams are:

  • Rather than having to be out of the office for a paper exam, once you have received your exam voucher you can arrange directly with the accrediting body for a time that suits you
  • It allows you to complete all revision activities at your own pace to help you prepare for your exam to maximise your passing potential
  • It allows you to revise further before taking the exam
  • Exam results are issued much quicker than the paper based format


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Practitioner Upgrade course topics

This course will have the following course topics:

  • Introduction to M_o_R® concepts and definitions
  • Principles of M_o_R®
  • Management of Risk approach
  • Introduction to the core management documents used in M_o_R®
  • Perspectives
  • The risk management process - including the various techniques
  • Embedding and reviewing M_o_R®
  • Risk specialisms
  • Business continuity
  • Incident management
  • Health and safety
  • Security
  • Financial


Practitioner Upgrade course objectives

This course will have the following course objectives:

  • Understand the links to programme and project risk management
  • Identify barriers to successful management of risk and actions to overcome these barriers
  • Be able to use techniques to manage risk
  • Understand the importance of the Management of Risk in protecting an organisation’s investors, its profit margins, and the quality of its service delivery
  • Understand the Management of Risk approach and how to put in place effective frameworks for taking informed decisions about risk
  • Gain a recognised Management of Risk qualification


Practitioner Upgrade in a location near you

At Datrix, we have courses available in over 25 locations globally and each of these venues teaches one of our most popular courses, the M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade training certification. Whilst this course is being favored by our loyal customers, we provide the course in nearby venues which means there is less travelling for you and others to get to the sessions. We’ve calculated that the less distance you have to go will decrease your potential travelling costs. Datrix Training is known to have the best facilities for Management of Risk training in the industry. Luckily for you, the tutors will mentor you to the answers from the questions you ask that you may have regarding the course that you are currently taking. Without the expert advice from the professionals, it will be harder for you to pass the examinations. Our M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade certifications are favored by our loved customers and experts so you can be sure you will get all the help you want from the team of tutors.


Practitioner Upgrade Online

Join us online! Datrix Training is available online to all of our customers. This will allow our customers to access the M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade training courses wherever you wish. As well as our other online courses, we provide our exclusive assistance online so you can get used to the advanced technology by taking our courses online, especially our M_o_R® courses which we sell at a affordable price range.


Notably for you, we have courses available for only 90 days from purchase date so take the chance to learn the M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade fundamentals over a longer period of time. Taking this course will also give you the chance to learn our M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade training specification in your very own home, pondering at your own pace and time.


A home learning environment is much better for our students as their home is seen as their comfort zone so they are able to work better which has lead our candidates to a higher success rate. We recommend online training as it can be accessed from literally anywhere so you can sit back and relax to learn in places like your sofa, bed or even whilst on the toilet. Online training also brings other benefits to yourself and others who take the course. Online is a opportune method of learning so take the leap of faith and try it. Also, classes can be offered live or recorded in advance which gives opportunities to the students to get secure access to the event online so they can learn when they want to. 


his advantage reduces the overloading of the website servers from too many students trying to access the presentation at once, like during a live presentation where buffering may occur for users watching. Candidates can access the presentation whenever they want from wherever, which is what our customers do. Our videos and tutorials section can be easy and fun as candidates will enjoy using the internet as it comes with bigger opportunities than a textbook, like accessing new information in seconds.


Our customers have also stated that listening online is more effective than sitting in a classroom. Online gives the customers of Datrix Training to sit on your sofa and put your feet up. Whom who choose online will not have to get dressed and be in a class at a certain time, so this gives the delegate a little more freedom for when they want to learn and when they don’t. Simple instructions to the student can give them access to your online presentation within a click. However, just remember to provide a website that answer some of the more intense questions to provide a support desk with email response.

From customers, online training is known to be immediate, cost effective and highly noticeable by authorities. The greatest advantage of the online training is that it is easily affordable for everyone.


Practitioner Upgrade Onsite

Datrix Training is available as an onsite option. Come visit us to receive expert advice from professional tutors. As companies strive to book courses from us, we have a better deal available. Our trusted service can lead you and your business to success in management from one easy option.

At Datrix Training, we will send you a fully qualified experienced trainer that can teach you the M_o_R® Practitioner Upgrade specification. This option will save yourself and your business money and staff will be on time for their session(s).

This is good as the trainer is able to answer any follow up questions that are related to the course. Each of our instructors at Datrix have over 10 years of experience.

If you have further questions about the M_o_R Practitioner Upgrade course, we’d be welcomed if you’d call us on 0800 781 0626 or send us a message to


What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content

  • Introduction to M_o_R® concepts and definitions
  • Principles of M_o_R®
  • Management of risk approach
  • Introduction to the core management documents used in M_o_R®
  • Perspectives
  • The risk management process – including the various techniques
  • Embedding and reviewing M_o_R®
  • Risk specialisms
  • Business continuity
  • Incident management
  • Health and safety
  • Security
  • Financial

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What are the exam details for this course?

  • An objective-test examination comprising of 4 questions of 20 marks each
  • Exam time is 3 hours
  • The pass mark is set at 40 out of 80 (50% pass mark)

What are the prerequisites for this course?

Delegates must achieve a pass in the foundation exam to take this course.

Is there any homework during this course?

There will be a minimum of 2 hours homework included every evening.

What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering my course?

All of our instructors at Datrix are accredited and have over ten years of experience worldwide.

How can I find more information?

If you would like to know any more information about our courses, please contact us on 0800 781 0626 or send us an e-mail on