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The Chartered body for health and safety professionals represents the IOSH training courses. Its principal goal is to enlarge standards and manage the occupation throughout the IOSH training course. The work features establishing and publicising a code of conduct, as well as developing and accrediting IOSH Managing Safely Training Programmes. Datrix Training provides a large variety of professional IOSH courses such as IOSH Managing Safely on a global scale so that the delegates will learn these training courses in a high-quality venue. The course is mainly designed to improve the safety culture inside an organisation. The IOSH training focuses on, how the individual’s actions contribute to safety and health in the workplace.

The IOSH Managing Safely training enables candidates to ensure the safety of the people who are employed in an organisation. It is considered to be one of the best trainings as it delivers practi...

IOSH Working Safely course covers the fundamentals of health and safety at the workplace and gives step by step guidance with sharp business focus. The delegates undertaking this course will able...

Topic Overview

Throughout the IOSH training, delegates will learn about identifying risks in an organisation, identifying and controlling hazards including fire, chemicals, work equipment and electricity in the workplace, improving safety performance, protecting environment from accidents and learning their causes. Datrix Training offers two trainings:

  • IOSH Managing Safely training
  • IOSH Working Safely course

The IOSH Managing Safely training enables the delegates to efficiently tackle the health and safety issues in the workplace. This course is designed for supervisor and managers, and they get to know, how to handle critical situations in any organisation. The delegates also understand the latest concept of Managing and Safety such as identifying risks in the workplace, controlling risks, understanding responsibilities, identifying hazards, performance measuring and protecting workplace environment.

The IOSH Working Safely course is designed for workers to improving their safety in the workplace. The training provides essential knowledge of health and safety in the workplace. At the end of the IOSH Working training safely, the delegates will able to protect themselves and their colleague in workplace and also be aware of their individual’s responsibilities that lead to greater productivity. 

What are the benefits of taking IOSH training?

  • Improved organisation-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures
  • Active staff involvement to improve the workplace
  • Internationally recognised certificate
  • Assess and control risks and hazards
  • Delegates can measure their performance
  • Understand own responsibilities for safety and health
  • Enhanced reputation within the supply chain
  • Understand why they must work safely
  • Efficiently investigate hazards in an efficient and productive manner
  • Protect themselves and their colleagues in the workplace

Why choose Datrix Training

Datrix Training provides experienced and certified trainers, who help the delegates to understand the latest concept of health and safety which are required in an organisation for better working. Datrix Training enables the delegates to protect themselves and other employees from hazards in the workplace. Datrix Training programs are delivered in various modes including classroom, online and onsite training courses.




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