Course Introduction

The course is oriented towards providing the delegates with the skills they require to be a successful trainer. The delegates learn various techniques during the course to help their students learn the concepts of the course they undergo. The course also imparts the various types of ways in which the same knowledge can be imparted using different mediums of delivery. This certification helps the delegates improve their teaching skills and also teaches the delegates to adapt their skills to particular training circumstances.


What's Included

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Course Content

The Train the Trainer course by Datrix Training is beneficial for the delegates as they are getting trained and certified by a Global Training Provider. Train the Trainer is a model which is used to provide training potential to the instructors who are less experienced and want to better their teaching skills. The course uses a blending of various techniques to achieve this objective. The course also helps us to discover the four principles of training which are Purpose & Assessment, Planning & Preparation, Presentation & Facilitation, and Performance & Evaluation.

It’s not easy to find skilled workers as such to stay competitive in work environment. The organizations take it upon themselves to train their employees. To do so they employ corporate trainers having skills in one or another technology or field.

This course provides three things to those who participate in the course - instruction, coaching and feedback. These elements help them to prepare in delivering their training, be they full-time or part-time trainers.

The main elements of this training course include - Skilled modeling of adult learning principles and delivery techniques, processing and facilitation techniques, classroom set-up and management, and how to handle participants who may be different from the rest of the lot.

Once the trainers go through this course they can show that

  • Have incorporated into themselves the skills that help them to design and deliver teacher training sessions and courses
  • Key issues in planning and delivering training courses
  • They have started to follow a practice of providing feedback to course participants as a helping tool
  • They have become familiar with various tools, techniques, and strategies to further their role as a trainer.

Module 1:

  • The Fundamental Concepts
  • Learning the basic process
  • Evaluation through Exercises
  • Practical training- Some Key concepts
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation delivery
  • Adult learning theory
  • Instructional design basics
  • Altering simplification skills
  • Programme design
  • Maintain an Interactive Learning Environment
  • Understanding others
  • Learning process

Module 2:

  • Planning into action
  • Guidelines for Center management tasks and implementation
  • Career guidance overview
  • Strategic planning for career center programme
  • Various Models for Programme implementation and evaluation
  • External affairs and activities
  • Purpose and assessment
  • Development and construction
  • Presentation and simplification
  • Performance & Monitoring
  • Arranging training assembly
  • Advancement advice
  • Community dealings information
  • Endorsing facilities to scholars
  • Replication with response

Delivery Methods


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What are the prerequisites of this course?

The course has no prerequisites. Anybody can take this course.

Who should attend this course?

This program is ideal for those trainers who are either new or wish to upgrade their teaching skills. Our programs are mainly targeted towards learning professionals such as trainers, instructional designers, and organizational development practitioners. However, they do benefit those also who are responsible for developing others in the same organization, from managers to human resources specialists.

What will you learn from this course?

After attending this course, the delegate will:

  • Learn the training cycle
  • Understand why training is required
  • Know how to create learning material oriented towards the participant
  • Customize off-the-shelf materials
  • Use training activities to create effective questioning techniques
  • Learn to maintain an Interactive Learning Environment
  • Be able to address challenging participants and behaviors
  • Include audio visuals and handouts in your presents
  • Get communication skills and adult learning theory
  • Empowered enough to maintain an Interactive Learning Environment

What is the duration of the course?

The Train the Trainer course lasts for one day

What are the various modes in which the course is offered?

Datrix Training delivers this course in various modes which include Classroom, Online, Virtual, and Onsite