Course Introduction

Advertising product or service via phone is a tough job. We at Datrix Training offer Telephone Sales Training which is ideal for candidates who want to get maximum out of the telephone in the form of sales and communication equipment. Moreover, the delegates will gain skills and knowledge of sales along with understanding the importance of telephone sales. The framework for effective calling will be discussed during the training sessions. Telephone Sales Training includes tips for staying positive, techniques used in planning calls and handling outbound calls. We provide flexible training programs like online, onsite and classroom courses. 


What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content

What is telephone sales?

  • Introduction to sales
  • Benefits and limitations of sales
  • Overview of telephone sales

Sales Process

  • Steps of sale
  • Working of sales cycle

Sales Fear Factor

  • Overview of Fear Factor
  • What is myth related to fear factor?
  • How to overcome this factor?

Enhancing productivity in sales role

  • Identify time wasters
  • Six habits of successful Sales individual
  • Consulting right person

Understanding the importance of voice

  • Four factors of voice
  • Tone and volume
  • Pronunciation
  • Pace
  • Enhancing selling voice

Telephone: A Business Tool

  • Role of telephone in sales
  • Its Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Get maximum out of it

Outbound calls

  • Initiate Outbound call
  • The seven-step script
  • Sample script
  • Adopting script like yours
  • Exercise-based on creating your script
  • Using cheat sheets

Establish SMART Goals for yourself

  • The need of setting goals
  • Know your requirements completely
  • The three Ps of goals
  • What are SMART Goals?
  • Benefits of SMART Goals

What is pre-call planning?

  • Importance of pre-call planning
  • Tips and tricks for planning

Arranging Appointments

  • Prepare an appointment call
  • Example scripts for generating appointments
  • Exercise-based on creating your own script

How to deal with Gatekeepers?

  • Understand why gatekeepers stop you
  • Techniques for guiding gatekeepers onside

Managing incoming calls

  • Types of incoming calls
  • Prepare for incoming calls
  • The Six Ps
  • Expectations of customers
  • Exercise-based on the first impression

Voice Mail Messages

  • Need of leaving voice messages
  • Voicemail Etiquette
  • Effectively creating voice mail message

ABC Action-Always Be Closing

  • Types of closing
  • Closing techniques
  • Farming close
  • Drawbacks while closing the sale
  • Trial closing
  • Focusing more on repeat business
  • Enhancing profit

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What are the objectives of the Telephone Sales Training?

Telephone Sales Training has the following objectives:

  • Learn how to make the positive impression
  • Sound fresh irrespective of the number of calls attended
  • Learn techniques and methods to research prospects
  • Understand different models for providing definite structure to a conversation

Is there any prerequisite before attending Telephone Sales Training?

Telephone Sales Training doesn’t have any prerequisites. However, having a fundamental knowledge of communication ethics can be useful.

Who should attend this course?

Telephone Sales Training is suitable for the following audience:

  • Sales Manager
  • Telesales Professionals
  • Professionals involved in sales and marketing
  • Advertisement Managers

Is the trainer or instructor certified in the same field?

Certified and experienced instructors will deliver the training. All the trainers at Datrix Training have over ten years of experience in their domain.