Course Introduction

Leadership Skills course provides the knowledge and skills which are required to manage and lead people effectively. Most of us develop leadership skills through practice, but some other people are natural leaders. Verbal communication, participation in activities, critical thinking and motivation are the full range of skills, and these skills are essential to developing leadership skills. Fortunately, all these skills can be developed and reinforced.

Our course begins with the foundation step for those who want to gain leadership skills and who want to become effective leaders. This highly interactive course helps the delegates how to lead teams by using different styles of leadership. The course will explain how to put multiple theories and models into practice.  


What's Included

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Course Content

Leadership course is beneficial for individuals who want to gain professional skills. The course provides persuasive skills to the delegates where they can quickly improve their leadership behaviours. The Leadership programme is mainly focused on the issues and needs of the delegates. Leadership skills course will develop analytical skills, self-knowledge and self-awareness of the delegates. Flexibility, Introspection, Discussion and Responsibility towards Value Creation are the four stages of becoming a successful leader.         

The course cover topics such as leadership qualities, the values of becoming a learning organisation, leadership styles and situational leadership. The training not only develops leadership skills but also enhances the overall personality of an individual. The course provides different types of leadership styles, models and helps how to identify each leadership style. The leadership skills course will enable the delegates to review their leadership styles and determine what works are suitable for them.

The Evolution of Leadership

  • Define Leadership
  • History of Leadership

Types of Leadership

  • Situational Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Participate Leadership
  • Contingency-Based Leadership

A Personal Inventory

  • An introduction to Kouzes and Posner
  • A Personal Inventory
  • Creating an Action Plan

Challenging the process

  • Developing your inner innovator
  • Seeing Room for development
  • Promoting your change

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • The Benefits of Teams
  • How Successful Teams are Built to Last
  • Reflection

Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Definition of Decision Making
  • Four Steps Process to solve the problem
  • Tools to effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

Inspiring a Shared Vision

  • Select your vision
  • Communicating with your vision
  • Identifying the benefit of others

Enabling others to Act

  • Encouraging Growth in Others
  • Making Celebration Part of your Culture
  • Celebrating Accomplishments

Influencing Skills

  • The art of Persuasion
  • The main principles of Influence
  • Creating the impact

Setting Goals

  • Create a smart goals
  • Establish a long-term plan
  • Create a support system
  • How to deal with questions

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What are the prerequisites for this leadership skills course?

There are no prerequisites for this course. The course is available for everyone who wants to prepare for and distribute professional minutes.

Who should attend the course?

This course is designed for all professionals or individuals who want to achieve leadership and management skills.

  • Managers who wish to improve their leadership abilities
  • Teachers, IT Professionals, Business managers who want to develop their management skills
  • Everyone who wants to invest time in building a better career
  • For the students who wish to prepare themselves to enter into the politics and also job prospects.

What are the benefits of this course?

  • Delegates can increase their productivity and implement an active leadership style.
  • Make better decisions.

How can I find more information about this course?

If you want to get more information related our course, please send us an e-mail on or call us on 0800 781 0626.

What do I receive on the course?

Datrix provides course materials, experienced trainer and refreshment along with the training.