Course Introduction

The NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Foundation course provides essential knowledge required to control the mind and also change the way of thinking, view past events and approach to life. The course provides complete information of NLP such as an overview of NLP, what it can do and how it is used. NLP Foundation Course can be taken as a stand-alone course for the beginners. In this course, there are two central themes, first is an advanced level of communication abilities, so that the delegate will become a superior communicator and second is how to employ NLP tools and techniques in life positively. These two themes help to present ideas, teaching or meetings in business developments.   


What's Included

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Course Content

The NLP Foundation Course is beneficial for anyone who wants to gain interpersonal skills. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is all about helping individuals to accomplish personal and professional excellence. This course is giving positive results to the delegates, creating world-class relationships and also help them to become an effective person at personal and professional level.

The main aim of NLP Foundation course is to help the delegates how to speed up so that they can use the tools and skills immediately. These techniques are essential to improve performance at work or home.

An Introduction to NLP

  • Define NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)
  • Explain the brief history of NLP
  • Assumptions of NLP
  • Model of NLP Communication
  • Main Principles of Success
  • Setting Well-formed Outcomes

Improving Sensory Acuity

  • Increasing Sensory Awareness
  • Sensory-Based Language
  • The Learning State


  • Mirroring and Matching
  • Indicators of Rapport
  • Instant Rapport
  • Group Rapport

Representational Systems

  • Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
  • Preferred Rep Systems
  • Eye Accessing Cues

Submodalities for Change

  • Utilizing Drivers
  • Changing Beliefs
  • Swish Patterns
  • Fast Phobia Cure


  • Programming of NLP
  • Modelling
  • O.T.E. Model
  • Buying Strategies
  • Motivational Strategies
  • Love Strategies
  • Learning Strategies
  • How to Design and Install Strategies
  • Strategy Elicitation


  • Keys of Anchoring
  • Steps of Anchoring
  • Building Resource Anchors
  • Chaining Anchors
  • Collapsing Anchors
  • How to Move from Procrastination to Motivation

Patterns of Language

  • Linguistic Presuppositions
  • Hierarchy of ideas
  • Agreement and Negotiating
  • The Milton Model
  • The Meta Model


  • Context Reframing
  • Content Reframing
  • Six-step Reframe
  • Positive Intentions
  • Parts Integration
  • Negotiating of Reframing

NLP Model of Therapy

  • Putting all it Together
  • Scope of Practise
  • Excellence as a foundation of NLP

Changing Personal History of NLP

  • What is an organisation and storage of Time
  • Define In Time and Through Time
  • Elicitation of the Time Line
  • Improving the Time Line
  • Releasing Negative Emotions
  • Releasing Limiting Decisions
  • Installing Future Goals

Delivery Methods


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What will you learn?

  • Learn about what is NLP?
  • Investigate the power of the unconscious mind
  • Understand why NLP is the tool for personal change
  • NLP Communication Model
  • Understand some of the NLP Principles for success
  • Uncover the power of NLP in business

Who should attend the course?

  • Consultants, vendors, health professionals, managers, leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs
  • Others who are looking for ways to create positive and sustainable changes in their life
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists coaches
  • Managers, Supervisors who wish to develop their NLP Potential
  • Business Owners

What are the pre-requisites of the NLP Foundation course?

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

What are the benefits of this course?

There are some benefits of this course:

  • Encourage flexibility and open-minded thinking
  • Make communication more effective
  • Improved problem-solving skills

How can I find more information about the course?

If you want to get more information related our course, please send us an e-mail on or call us on 0800 781 0626.

When does this course start?

Please arrive at the training venue at 8:45 am, and training usually runs until around 5 pm.

What do I receive on the course?

Datrix provides course materials, experienced trainer and refreshment along with the training.