Digital Marketing Training Courses

Digital Marketing is one of the major components of the marketing campaign of an organisation. It is the vital asset of almost every IT organisation. The delegate will understand the fundamental values of digital marketing and able to differentiate between traditional and digital techniques.

This course offers the delegate with the knowledge of how to create and implement the effective digital marketing campaigns. During this program, delegates will learn how to improve the digital marketing process and achieve the desired digital marketing goals. Digital Marketing Training includes the following courses:

  • SEO Masterclass Training
  • Email Marketing Training
  • Social Media Masterclass
  • Google Analytics Masterclass

SEO Masterclass Training course offered by Datrix Training is one of the best course available. SEO is of utmost importance for every website because it allows the website to get higher search en...

Email Marketing Training course aims to teach the details of email marketing and how to market a business through email marketing. Email Marketing Training is a 1-day course with advanced techniq...

The Social Media Masterclass Training course provides a thorough understanding of the essentials of social media, benefits of using social media and effective social media platforms to grow your...

Datrix Training’s Google Analytics Masterclass course provides delegates with the knowledge and skills required to build a solid foundation in Google Analytics. During the course, the delegates w...

Topic Overview

Digital marketing training is designed to provide the delegates uses the Internet and information technology to extend and improve traditional marketing functions. This course aims to cover the basic concepts of digital marketing, fundamental statistical tools for analysis. It also provides in-depth knowledge of analytical tools of online marketing. Digital Marketing Training is designed for practical learning, where candidates will learn how to work with the marketing datasets, dummy display ads, virtual website optimisation.  

Delegates will understand various channels and activities of digital marketing which are very important to implement and manage the effective digital marketing strategies for their trades. Candidates will learn how to use strategies of digital marketing to gain a competitive advantage for companies and also for a career.


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