Course Introduction

Datrix Training introduces VMware V6 Fastrack course which provides the delegates with the knowledge and skills required to design and deploy VMware V6 virtual infrastructure successfully. During this five-day training, the delegates will learn how to configure, install, manage and troubleshoot VMware V6. This training program combines VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage course's content with troubleshooting skills required to maintain the environment of vSphere.


What's Included

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Course Content

VMware V6 Fastrack course is based on VMware ESXiTM 6.0 and VMware vCentre ServerTM 6.0. The delegates will be introduced to the infrastructure assessment, virtual data centre infrastructure, core management infrastructure, compute infrastructure, network infrastructure, infrastructure security, infrastructure recoverability and much more. Moreover, they will follow a proven approach for designing and deploying a scalable, available, secure and manageable virtual solution.

VMware V6 Fastrack is a five-day course in which the delegates will gain knowledge regarding following topics:

Course Introduction

Introduction to VMware V6 Fastrack

An overview of Infrastructure Assessment

  • What are the objectives of customer business?
  • Evaluate the document design decisions
  • Collect and analyse the requirements of the business and application
  • How to design needs, constraints, assumptions, and risks?

An infrastructure of Core Management

  • Choose suitable stages for vCenter Server databases and components
  • Inspect a core management infrastructure
  • Planning vCenter Server deployment topology

An Overview of Virtual Data Center

  • Find out the total capacity design requirements
  • Assess the use of various management services
  • Understand VMware vSphere® High Availability and VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™, in the virtual data centre design
  • Generating a virtual data centre cluster design meeting workload and business requirements
  • Assess the use of resource pools in the virtual data centre design
  • Deployment of the components of the virtual data centre for the given vSphere design

Introduction to Storage Infrastructure

  • Estimate storage capacity
  • Describe performance requirements for a design
  • Assess the use of different storage platform
  • Storage management solutions
  • Plan a storage platform and storage management architecture
  • Review a storage platform design and deploy as designed
  • Review a storage management design and deploy

Compute Infrastructure

  • Build a design for compute infrastructure including suitable ESXi boot, installation, and configuration options
  • For the compute infrastructure by selecting the ESXi host hardware
  • Review the design and deployment of a compute infrastructure
  • Automate ESXi host installation by configuring and running a script

An introduction to Network Infrastructure

  • Assessing different network component and network management solutions
  • Designing network component architecture
  • Reviewing network component design and deployment
  • Designing network management architecture
  • Storage management design review and deployment

Overview of Virtual Machine Design

  • Make virtual machine design decisions
  • Design virtual machines meeting the application in the environment
  • Review a virtual machine design and deployment

An overview of Infrastructure Security

  • Make security design decisions for different layers in the environment of vSphere
  • Design a security strategy fulfilling the requirements of the vSphere environment
  • Infrastructure security design review and deployment

An introduction to Infrastructure Manageability

  • VMware vSphere® Update Manager™ design decisions
  • vSphere Update Manager architecture design review and deployment
  • Infrastructure management design decisions for the essential areas
  • Design an infrastructure management strategy
  • Infrastructure management design review and deployment

An introduction to Infrastructure Recoverability

  • Infrastructure recoverability design decisions in the essential areas
  • Design an infrastructure recoverability strategy
  • Infrastructure recoverability design review and deployment



Delivery Methods


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What are prerequisites for attending this course?

  • The delegates must have experience of system administration
  • They should also have the understanding of concepts that are presented in the VMware Data Centre virtualisation fundamentals course

What will be the key learning of the course?

  • Deploy an ESXi host and build virtual machines
  • Learn how to configure virtual networks with vSphere standard switches
  • Get to know about the use of content library
  • Manage high availability and fault tolerance of VMware vSphere®
  • Use vSphere distributed switches for enhancing the scalability in network

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

Please arrive the venue at 8:45 am as our training sessions are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

How can I find more information about the course?

For any enquiry, please send us an e-mail on or contact us on 0800 781 0626 for more information.

What is the target audience for this course?

This course is best suited for an audience who are either new or experienced system administrators, system integrators, or system engineers who wish to enhance their vSphere skills