Course Introduction

Datrix’s P3O® Foundation certification is intended to deliver everything you need to know when you take the foundation exam. The P3O® Foundation project management course is 3 days long and there is one examination during this period. 

The P3O® Foundation Training certification is a highly recognised in the project management industry. This P3O® certification demonstrates that the learner is able to create, improve and preserve a support for the distribution of change within a business.

Foundation exam:

  • Confirms knowledge and understanding of P3O®
  • Multiple choice
  • 75 questions
  • 5 questions are trial and not counted
  • 1 hour
  • Closed book
  • Pass mark is 50% (40 out of 80)
  • Pass rate is 98%

What's Included

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Course Content

P3O® Foundation Training


P3O® Foundation is a qualification aimed at entry level candidates. The qualification proves that a candidate has sufficient knowledge of the principles and processes of P3O® and is therefore able to interact or become an informed member when working in an office using a P3O® model. It is also a gateway to the practitioner level examination which will increase their value and knowledge of P3O® principles and practical application of the qualification.

By the end of the course, candidates should fully understand the terminology of P3O® and know when to apply such knowledge to a P3O® model, as well as the functions and services that P3O® provides. candidates will understand the differences from the 3 P’s, Portfolio, Programme and Project Management. And more importantly candidates will learn how to apply the tools and techniques to a P3O® model.

P3O® was set up by the Office of Government to tackle the lack of industry surrounding the promotion, set up and execution of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management within offices. Other courses that support these practices are MSP (Managing Successful Programming), MoR (Management of Risk). All methods believe that managing the successful setup of Portfolios, Programmes and Projects is a valuable asset to improvement of a business.

P3O® is an abbreviation for Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices. A set of principles and processes that allow all types of organizations - private and public-  to recognise the requirement of support structures as well as enablement and challenges to execute all three.

A principle is a proposition that serves as the foundation for a system, the building blocks of a successful project.There are six different principles that make up the structure of P3O®, these principles allow guidelines for candidates that are using P3O® within a project, it helps candidates them to comprehend the requirements for P3O® and how to use the method.



  • Govern Effectively- Being able to govern affair, actions and policies with authority, injects structure into the workplace. Identifying the importance of risk and changes allows the case to be escalated to the right level of authority and therefore to the most effective area of the organization. Supporting senior management shows an efficient and collective work base. P3O® ensures that data is collected and applied effectively to contribute towards decision making within an organization.
  • Hold people to account- Assigning different roles to different authorities within a business allows responsibility and accountability for the success of the model. P3O® helps senior management to analyze options and consequences of a defect in the model as well as providing them with support. Training senior management offers advice and support to maximise success of applying the model.
  • Investment, alignment and adjustment of business strategies- Identifying changes and shifts within a business before they occur, can help to decrease delays in the process. Estimating probability
  • Safeguarding- P3O® ensures that candidates understand the need to support the business case and processes of the business. As a contribution to  risk analysis, candidates can identify potential opportunities to be realized or exploited within the business.
  • Investment in people and processes- It is important to invest in people and processes and P3O® can help with this by identifying the types of training,mentoring and coaching required to be a successful candidate and asset to a P3O® model. Assignment of different roles is a crucial factor to a successful business. Skills and capabilities help to assign roles within a business and different projects.
  • Tracking progress- P3O® teaches candidates the importance of creating and providing reports and exception management services from Project all the way through to a portfolio level. Injecting flexibility into organizations. Implementing management dashboards that physically represent the risks, issues and progress to management of a senior authority.


In order to successfully execute management of Portfolios,Programmes and Projects, different sectors of a business need to be assessed. Despite the differences of each office, the same decision making is required in all of them:


  • Strategic Alignment- Linking a strategy and environment of a business with its structure and resources to optimize contributions.
  • Prioritisation- Identifying an order of importance
  • Risk management- Understanding risks and constructing solutions to put in place to decrease problems.
  • Optimisation of resources- Matching all types of resources, Human, machinery and financial, to achieves an organization's goals.



Datrix Training offers different formats to complete the P3O® Foundation Training Course.


Online Training is a beneficial format for a client with a busy schedule and using this course as an addition their former job. Spacing the course over 90 days from purchase date with a total of 10 hours to study allows customers to be flexible with their learning. Available 24/7 means that timing is not a problem and can fit around their lifestyle.

Online Training at Datrix Training is also a cheaper alternative to Classroom Training as travelling costs are eliminated. Even though there is a lack of personal contact with our trainers, there is an online alternative. Our support suite offers all the support candidates need from tutoring to technical to administrative advice. There is also now the ability to discuss their learning with other online students through our discussion suite.

Our online training classes do not lack anything compare to our training courses due to our fantastically structured engaging and interactive courses.


Classroom Training is the most popular option for our clients here at Datrix Training. Interacting with other clients with the same aims allow candidates to expand their knowledge and perspectives. Having peers that candidates can exchange ideas with is beneficial for communication skills and team building.

Another factor that makes Classroom Training at Datrix Training so popular is our highly qualified classroom trainers with over 10 years of experience in the industry and specialising in P3O®. Offering the most efficient three day course we can offer. Our trainers guide clients through problems and provide valuable advice.


Onsite Training is one of the most efficient types of training in regards to comfortability with candidates. Learning a new set of skills within their own work place makes the methods more applicable at a faster rate. Thi is because their work area has been used as a demonstration for hows to carry out these projects in a workplace. What makes this so beneficial is that candidates are familiar with the equipment candidates will need.

Another factor that makes Onsite Training popular when training a cluster of employees is that candidates are familiar with them. When  candidates train in a group of familiar faces, confidence is developed quicker, communicating is easier and candidates can gain a lot more knowledge out of the course. Also, learning alongside people candidates will be working with on future projects help candidates to establish an ethos with one another and learn each other's thought processes. This can help in the future a\s candidates will know how to work efficiently and more effectively.

This P3O course will cover the following subjects:

  • Why have a P3O?
  • P3O Model
  • Implement or Re-Energize a P3O
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Business Case
  • Model Tailoring
  • P3MS Summary
  • Functions and Services

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What are the prerequisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

What does Datrix provide me with during the course?

Datrix will deliver the manual, the official portfolio, a highly skilled trainer and refreshments.

What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering my course?

All of our instructors at Datrix are accredited and have over ten years of experience worldwide.

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Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am.

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