Course Introduction

The interview is a conversation or face to face interaction between two persons. An interview is a process in which one person (Interviewer) ask questions and another person (interviewee) responses on that. It is considered as one of the best ways to achieve accurate information. Usually, interviews are conducted face to face, but in this modern era, due to the availability of digital technologies interviews are conducted via internet such as interview through phone or video conference. 

This course is designed to train the professionals who are involved in hiring an employee in their organisation. After training, the delegates will be able to hire right staff in order to fulfil the organisational requirements. Discover various tips and tricks required to choose the right talent. 

The interview is an internal part of recruitment process. The employer conducts the interviews for hiring an employee based on their skills and there are many techniques of the interview to hire someone for the required field. While interviewing, the professionals can easily check the employer's capabilities and abilities with respect to the required field. During this training, the delegates will learn how to attain candidate's information to decide if he/she is suitable for job or not. 


What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content

Getting started

  • About Interview
  • Importance of interview in organisation

Interview Preparation

  • Well planned interview
  • Check job specifications with organisation and personal qualities
  • Develop a target to make successful interview

Conducting interview

  • High authority conducting an effective interview
  • Maintain format to use during the interview
  • Develop record of the candidate for further process

Techniques of Interview

  • Maintain your requirements
  • Analyses cv and applicant form before conducting interview
  • Make sure you have proper detail of job description
  • Setup room for interview
  • Develop a format to conduct an interview
  • Ask right question in right way
  • Close interview with good manners
  • Finalize the record of candidates

Outcomes from successful interview

  • Get accurate information about candidate
  • Face to face interaction
  • Get to know about behaviour of candidate
  • Select the best person for the particular job
  • Check the confidence of candidate
  • Clarification of job

Delivery Methods


Interviewing Techniques Training Enquiry

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What do I learn from this course?

When you are done with the training, you can confidently conduct the interview and get the best employee for your organisation.

Is there any exam after the training?

There is no exam after this training.

What are the prerequisites for this training?

There are no prerequisites for this course; anyone can join this course.

What is the experience of the instructor(s) for this course?

All our instructor has more than ten years’ experience in their particular field.

What time shall I reach the venue?

Please reach venue at 8:45 am.

How can I find contact information?

For any query, feel free to contact us on 08007810626 or email us on