Course Introduction

Communication is a mode of interchanging information between two or more persons. With good communication skills, one can share her/his point of view confidently. Usually, views or idea are expressed by various modes such as speaking, writing and many others. Effective Communication builds a strong network between different people.  

Interpersonal skills and communication training course is designed to impart knowledge and skills required in effective communication. This training helps the employees to enhance self-awareness and understanding among colleagues. Moreover, and employees feel confident to perform at the front of their manager and director. Successful business required effective communication. 

Interpersonal skills describe the way how to treat another person while working in any filed. Interpersonal skills are all about working collaboratively. To build a strong bond with co-workers, suppliers and competitors, the employee must have good interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are required for an effective relationship, high productivity, better working environment, organisation success and effective leadership skills.


What's Included

Find out what's included in the training programme.

Course Content

Course outline:

About communication

  • What is communication?
  • Modes of communication

Key elements of the communication process

  • Sender
  • Message
  • Communication channel
  • Receiver
  • Interpreted
  • Feedback to sender

Advanced communication skills

  • Communications for purpose
  • Understand the communication process
  • Understand the relationship between verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Focus on Active listening techniques
  • Dealing with difficulties in communication

Sources of noise in communication

  • Bad channels
  • Poor written
  • Failure of nonverbal signals
  • Physical distraction
  • Status effects

Overview of Interpersonal skills

  • Interpersonal skill
  • Interpersonal skills during working
  • Requirement of Interpersonal skills
  • Model of interpersonal skills

Requirement of interpersonal skills

  • Improving self-management skills
  • Improving expression skills
  • Reducing stress on mind
  • Improved emotional power

How to improve interpersonal skill

  • Keep smile during working
  • Pay attention
  • Positive work environment
  • Practice for Active listening
  • Make strong network of organisation
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Communication clearly
  • Positive body language

Delivery Methods


Communication & Interpersonal Skills Training Enquiry

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Reach us at 44 161 768 4797 or for more information.


What do I gain from this course?

After the completion of the training, you can effectively communicate with everyone and able to resolve any issue and get additional advantages in the workplace:


  • Productivity increased
  • Successful conversation
  • Self-confidence increased
  • Helpful to take better decision

What is exam detail of this course?

The exam is not included in Communication & Interpersonal Skills Training.

What are the prerequisites for this training?

There are no prerequisites for this course.

What is the experience of the instructor(s) for this course?

All our instructor has more than ten years’ of experience in their particular field.

At what time the program starts?

Communication & Interpersonal Skills Training starts at 9:00 am but the candidates should reach the venue by 8:45 am.  

How can we find more information regarding this course? 

Free feel to contact us on 08007810626 or email us on