Course Introduction

This Stress Management is a 1-day session that helps masses understand how to reduce and how to control stress.  Stress is a burden on the mind. This pressure can lead to anger as well as frustration in human beings. Stress is a normal part of our daily life. Sometimes stress may motivate persons, and they can learn how to remove the stress and how to face the serious issues in their life.This training includes the causes of stress and techniques for managing the stress.When people have stress, and their body can pretend that they are in danger. Moreover, body refused to respond quickly. Masses feel tired, frustrated and more aggressive.

This training describes the techniques of getting relief from stress. Such as taking time from the stressor, spend time with friends and family. There are some exercise to get relief from stress and keep a smile on a face that is more beneficial to get off from stress. Stress divided into two main categories that are positive stress and Negative stress. Positive stress is short-term stress on the mind like starting a new work, moving somewhere and having baby etc. Negative stress effect on personal life for a long time like the death of a partner and losing loved one or illness etc.


What's Included

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Course Content

What is stress

Pressure on mind is stress, and under pressure, people do not work properly, do not think well. Person’s body not ready to take a load of work these are symptoms of stress.

  • Why people feel under stress
  • Symptoms and results of negative stress

Causes of stress:

Causes of stress are very person to person like work stress, family stress, move somewhere else. There is some causes of stress.

  • Your surroundings
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Financial problems

Major stressors:

The critical situations and burden on the mind are causes of stress which are known as a stressor.

Symptoms and results of negative stress:

According to survey In this era, work stress is top of the stress list. Like not satisfied with the job, having a workload, long working hours and unhappy with their management. Life has some other stress also such a death of a loved person, divorce, unemployment and getting married etc.

Learn how to help others deal with pressure & stress:

Masses can reduce their stress by sharing their views with friends and family members.People can play a vital role in their life who are under pressure.

  • By Sharing their view
  • Discuss issues

A detailed discussion of external & Internal sources of stress:

People can identify stress sources and then under stand the situation.This may help people to reduce the stress.

  • Indentifed Stress
  • Figure out

Whole body relaxation:

Full day rest can be beneficial for masses who are under stress.

  • Techniques
  • Benefits

A variety of exercises:

Exercise helpful for people to develop their stress management skills that are useful to reduce the stress.

  • Meditate
  • Breathe Deeply
  • Reach Out

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What is exam detail of this course?

There is no exam to pass this Stress Management training.

What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering my course?

Our all instructor is accredited and has more than ten-year experience in particular field.

What time shall I arrive at the venue?

You have to arrive at the venue by 8:45 am because training starts at 9 am.

What are the advantages of this course?

When you are complete the training, you can reduce their stress. And get benefits:


  • Work productivity increased.
  • Less medical expense.