Course Introduction

Maintaining healthy relationships with clients and customers is the motive of every business. As the requirement of communication has increased, it has become crucial to provide high-quality customer care and to achieve this call centres has emerged as significant providers of customer care services. High-quality customer care will result in more retention of customers which in turn will increase the purchase of product and services. Call centre management includes customer services and overall experience of customer services provided through call centres. With the development of a well-formed call centre, business process will get well-organised, and the relationships with customers will improve.

Datrix Training provides Call Centre Management Training course which enables the delegates to understand how customer service is linked to customer satisfaction that results in an increased profits of the company and made it successful.  During this course, learn to address questions of the customers immediately thereby providing customer satisfaction. Also, learn about customer relationships and use gained knowledge to build a high and ever-increasing customer base.


What's Included

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Course Content

Fundamentals of a call centre

  • Creating a call centre
  • Discuss fundamentals of call centre
  • Call centre benefits
  • Functions of a call centre
  • Set up call centre

Call Centre Technology

  • Information and service technology
  • Select automatic call distributors
  • Understand benefits of skill-based routing
  • Choose technologies to monitor and manage calls
  • Call load
  • Call staffing
  • Forecast volume of calls
  • Forecast call staffing

Motivation employees and monitoring

  • Motivate employees
  • Find ways to motivate employees
  • Implement techniques for motivating employees
  • Communicate with employees
  • Understand guidelines for communication
  • Conduct meeting with staff
  • Provide feedback to employees
  • Performance evaluation of employees
  • Select methods for employee performance evaluation
  • Work with average employees
  • Monitoring tools for employees
  • Methods for monitoring employees
  • Establish a monitoring system

Management of employees

  • Reducing turnover
  • Reasons for turnover
  • Make plans to reduce turnover
  • Management of stress
  • Common causes of stress
  • Stress reducing activities
  • Plan training program

Management of customers

  • Expectations of customers
  • Present good image of company
  • Understand why customers hang up
  • Management of relationship with customers
  • Maintain voice response unit

Management for providing excellent service

  • Set levels for service
  • Define service level
  • Calculate rostered staff factor
  • Pooling principle
  • Identify practices for scheduling
  • Get approval for new scheduling system
  • Analyse reports
  • Determine significant reports
  • Assess performance from reports

Providing information to executives

  • What information do executives need?
  • Understand working knowledge of executives
  • Communicate with executives
  • Guidelines for communication
  • Pitfalls in communication
  • Organize process for reporting

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What will you learn in this Course?

  • Learn to develop healthy relationships with customers
  • Understand the role of effective communication
  • Motivate members of the team
  • Analyse the performance of the employees
  • Set achievable targets and goals
  • Provide sufficient support and develop the skills of team leaders, lead agents and supervisors

What are the Prerequisites in this Course?

This course has no requirements, however, having good speaking skills can be beneficial.

Who Should Attend this Course?

Call Centre management training course is suitable for the below-mentioned delegates:

  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Team leaders
  • Staff members