Course Introduction

Active listening is a technique of communication that is required for training or meeting. It refers that the person who is listening carefully with interest and understand the concept. Active listening is a process that used to get an individual information from other group or single person. Like problem sorting, critical thinking and active listening is a soft skill that is more used by workers when they are having an interview for their job.

Active listening is more fruitful during an interview process. Active listening also important because it reduces the nervousness in person that they may feel during the interview. Active listening also diverts your mindset during the interview so you can concentration on your interview, and you can take this on priority rather than what’s happening around you. Through the active listening, you can prove you’re self-front of the interviewer and prove that you are interested in their organisation and their challenges. Also ready to solve problems in that work field.

People can listen to someone for below reasons:

  • Listening to someone for getting information
  • Listening to anyone for understanding something
  • People listen for their enjoyment
  • Also listening to learn something

An active listening skill developed with practice. There is some skill that is important during listening such as attending an interview, meeting with full attention and relaxed, Make a proper eye contact, Nodding head on time, keep your mind open and sitting forward during cancelling or interview.


What's Included

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Course Content

Overview of Active listening skills

  • What is Active listening skills
  • Importance of Active listening

Body language basic for Active listening

  • Smile
  • Eye contact
  • Distraction
  • Hand moment
  • Sit forward


High Emotion

  • Use your emotion during thinking something
  • Properly manage your emotion


Verbal communication

  • Focused should be on listening
  • Asking questions
  • Open question
  • Closed question
  • Clarifying questions

Benefits of Active listening

  • Expand the knowledge
  • Successful conversation
  • Conversation partner satisfy
  • Save money and precious time
  • Solve any issue quickly
  • Teaching skills improved
  • Increased patience level in human being
  • Build relationship

How to improve Active listening skills  

  • Face the person confident who sitting front of you
  • Be attentive and relaxed
  • Keep your mind open
  • Listen to the word and try to make the picture in mind
  • Do not interrupt that person
  • Wait for person to stop conversation than ask your question for clarification
  • Try to feel what that person feel

Delivery Methods


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What do i gain from this course?

Afetr completing this training, you will gain the following:

  • Productivity increased
  • Successful conversation
  • Self-confidence increased

What is exam detail of this course?

For this course no need to take the exam to pass this Active listening training.

What are the prerequisites for this training?

There are no prerequisites for this course; anyone can join this course.

What is the experience of the instructor(s) for this course?

All our instructor has more than ten years’ experience in particular field.

What time shall I reach the venue?

Please reach venue at 8:45 am.

How can I find contact information?

Free feel to contact us on 08007810626 and also email us for any query on